If you need to send money abroad from the UK for any reason we can help.

Money-saving foreign exchange by cutting out the Middlemen (Banks):

We are one of the few Law firms in Spain to have a direct access ‘Corporate Commercial Money Exchange Account’. This means that you get the Exchange rate that the Banks get, before your Bank (or Post Office) add a few percentage points and sell the currency to you (the difference is the Bank’s profit). Not just content with making a profit on the difference between the exchange rate they pay and the exchange rate they sell the money to you, many also then make a large charge for making the transfer. We make a nominal and reasonable charge (normally around £15, with no landing fees), some Banks have been known to charge over £100, and remember we are not making the profit from the difference in Currency Exchange Rates.

Sometimes even we are surprised that the difference this can make. The last client that contacted us was to give thanks for saving her nearly €6,000.00. For the sake of a few minutes and a £15 transfer fee, by not sending her transfer via her Bank she received over €6,000 more Euros when the money arrived in her overseas account- and that was just on a €95,000 transfer to Spain from the UK.

Using our Corporate account facilities, it is our business to save you money. It does not matter if you are purchasing a property through us, or using any of our Legal Services, we strive to use our expertise to get you the most competitive exchange rates and lowest fees on your international money transfers.

This service is available to everyone with a UK address (and other parts of Europe by arrangement). We can also consider transfers from non-UK countries (but only if it is connected to a property purchased through us).

Our Corporate Foreign Exchange Account is held with MoneyCorp, formerly part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group and trusted since 1979.

The major benefits of using our Moneycorp Corporate Account for foreign exchange:

  • Moneycorp currency exchange offers excellent foreign exchange rates, making your money go much further
  • Moneycorp exchange service guarantees that you will not incur any receiving bank charges. These receiving charges be as high as 1% of the amount received
  • Moneycorp currency changes can offer fixed exchange rates for settlement in the future, protecting you from adverse currency movements.
  • Moneycorp also offers a fabulous Regular Payment Plan for your regular overseas transfers, such as mortgage or pension payments, where you will always receive an excellent rate of exchange and enjoy the convenience of making payments by Direct Debit as opposed to arranging individual payments through your bank every month.
  • Please contact us well before you need to send your foreign currency transfer.


    We will only need:

    1. Full name and address.

    2. Approximate amount of transfer needed.

    3. Destination Country and Currency needed.

    We will take it from there and you will be assigned a personal account manager to lead you through the currency exchange process, it really is simple and you could gain thousands of Euros on your transfer.

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