You should never consider purchasing a property in Spain without using a Lawyer to represent your interests and guide you through the Conveyancing process.

ASKASA is the property division of A.S.K Legal Services, we are a firm of British and Spanish Lawyers, Architects and Accountants.Over 60% of our legal workload is repairing problems for ‘Sellers’ that originally purchased without using a Lawyer.When they were ‘Purchasers’, they were advised by their Estate Agent that they did not need a Lawyer. Now they have problems selling or transferring their property due to problems with the Registered Legal Title.This can happen because – yes, you can indeed purchase a property without undertaking the full range of checks and searches (a lot easier for the Estate Agent) – but that can be done with a lot of corners being cut that will cause you problems in the future (and is a lot more expensive to sort out).

So whether you use our in-house Lawyers or not (we don’t mind if you don’t), please don’t purchase without good Legal representation.Although good for business, we would prefer that you had the security and reassurance of making sure that your purchase is fully legal beforehand.

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